A Letter from Freddie's Son, Al Green :

January 20, 2006

To:  Mr. Pettersen, the Editorial Board, and Additional Contributors to The Freddie Green Web Site

I would like to personally thank each of you for the wonderful tribute you have given to my dad, "Mr. Rhythm" in the development and maintenance of this magnificent web site. Your scholarly approach in attempting to unravel the mystic around dad's technique is commendable. The site is well designed, comprehensive, educational, thoughtful and tastefully done. I am certain dad would have truly been flattered and probably a little taken back by all of the attention. "Pep" was generally unassuming, yet appreciative of the life he was fortunate to have as Basie's rhythm guitarist for 50 years.

As a young boy I always wanted my dad to play an instrument that would put him in front of the band, like "The Pres," instead of just chunk, chunk, chunking in the background. Foolish kid, little did I know that he was just chunking away at history.

I particularly love the web site's "guest book" because it includes comments and stories not only from musicians, but also of fans who personally engaged "Mr. Rhythm".

One of the reasons dad loved music so much was that in enabled him to touch people all over the world and for that he was grateful. For those of you that have allowed him to share in your life, making his life fuller, I am grateful.

Al Green, (Son)
Executor of the Freddie Green Estate

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