Book Excerpt: The Big Bands

Author: George T. Simon
Copyright: 1981
Publisher: Schimer Books - New York
ISBN: 0-02-872420

Page 82
Billie Holiday fitted in wonderfully with the Basie band, whose members appreciated her impeccable musicianship and with several of whom, notable Freddie Green and Lester Young, she struck up especially rewarding relationships

Page 185
As Basie pointed out, his rhythm section has always been extremely important. His light yet invariably swinging piano has set its style, and what is generally referred to as the "Original Basie Rhythm Section" still serves as a model for many quartets today. It consisted of Basie on piano, the wonderfully light yet propulsive guitar of Freddie Green, the pungent bass of Walter Page, and the highly sensitive, ever swinging drums of Jo Jones. After Jones left the band, the rhythm section never sounded quite the same.

Page 522
Basie said "I remember that she (Billie Holiday), Freddie Green, and Lester Young were real buddies."

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