Freddie Green Compositions

Compiled by Mark Allen

Below is a list of eighteen tunes that Freddie Green composed; 1955 appears to have been an especially prolific year for him. Most of these recordings are also listed on our Selected Discography.

Year: 1944
By Count Basie and Freddie Green

1. Jumpin' for Maria

Year: 1945
By Count Basie, Rudy Rutherford, and Freddie Green

2. High Tide

Year: 1947
By Count Basie, Freddie Green, and Milton Ebbins

3. I Ain't Mad at You

Album: The Vice Pres
Leader: Paul Quinichette
Year: 1951-52

4. Crossfire
5. Bustin' Suds

Album: Cattin' with Coltrane and Quinichette
Leader: Paul Quinichette
Year: 1952
Original LP: (Never Released)
CD Reissue: DCCJazz GZS 1085 (Bonus Track)

6. Green Is Blue

Album: King of Swing
Leader: Count Basie
Year: 1953
Original LP: Clef MGC-724
CD Reissue: Verve 422 837 433-2

7. Right On

Album: Mr. Rhythm
Leader: Freddie Green
Year: 1955

8. Up In The Blues
9. Down For Double
10. Back And Forth
11. Free And Easy
12. Feed Bag
13. Little Red
14. Swinging Back
15. A Date With Ray

Album: April In Paris
Leader: Count Basie
Year: 1955

16. Corner Pocket (also released with lyrics as Until I Met You)

Album: The Natural Seven
Leader: Al Cohn
Year: 1955

17. Freddie's Tune

Album: Atomic Swing
Leader: Count Basie
Year: 1960

18. The Daly Jump

CD: Farmer's Market Barbeque
Leader: Count Basie
Label: Original Jazz Classics
Year: 1982
Track Number: 6

19. I Don't Know Yet

According to BMI, Freddie Green has one more composition. We have not been successful in locating a recording of this tune and have no additional information about it.

20. You're The Best

Additional information about compositions can be found in the Lewis Dickert dissertation about Freddie Green.

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