Freddie Green Style: Instruments & Setup

Guitar Selection and Set Up for the Freddie Green Sound
by Michael Pettersen

Photos of Freddie Green's Guitars
Recent photographs of two guitars that were owned by Freddie Green at the time of his death.

The Guitars Freddie Played
An article by Carl Severance discussing some of the instrument models used by Freddie Green during his long and productive carrer.

Amplifying an Acoustic Archtop Guitar in a Big Band
Michael Pettersen offers useful tips and techniques for microphones, amplifiers, and more.

Unmasking the Guitar: The Effect of a Vintage Drum Set on the Audibility of the Archtop Guitar in a Big Band Setting
Michael Pettersen share the insights he gained through a peformance experience.

Guitar Player Magazine: Guitar in Las Vegas
1968 excerpt from an article with a quote from Freddie Green

Book Excerpt: Acoustic Guitars and Other Fretted Instruments
by George Gruhn and Walter Carter

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