Freddie Green Style: Web Links

Another excellent short lesson that covers the basic concept of the Freddie Green technique by guitarist Dan Coy:

Learn: Swing Comping Techniques, 2, 3, and 4-note Swing Chord Voicings, Major and Minor Swing Blues Progressions, Turnarounds, Intros and Endings, and Freddie Greene style: Jump, Jive, 'n' Swing Guitar Keith Wyatt Bk CD:

A short discussion list entry that summarizes the difference between Freddie Green's style and other approaches to rhythm playing:

Heres a site about Lionel Hampton's long-time guitarist, Billy Mackel. It includes comments on the role of the rhythm guitar and a general comparison between the styles of Green and Mackel as well as a photo of Freddie Green:

A Freddie Green (and Grant Green) web site from Japan. This site includes Japanese and English language discographies with album covers.

An interview with Basie drummer Butch Miles when he is asked about Freddie Green's contribution to the band

Guitarist Joey Goldstein offers an online book teaching jazz guitar. Chapter VIII talks about the Freddie Green style of playing:

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