Book: How To Play Guitar In A Big Band
Author: Tom Bruner
Copyright: 1980
Publisher: Mel Bay Publications - Pacific, Missouri
Page: 17

Traditional Jazz Rhythm Guitar:

Interpreting what to play as a rhythm guitarist from a master rhythm part requires good musical judgment. You would not literally try to play every chord as indicated in the master part. Usually in the traditional jazz big band, you would want to emulate Freddie Green of Count Basie's band. In this style of rhythm guitar playing, the rhythm "groove" which you are playing with the drums and bass is more important than the harmonic sophistication of the chord symbols. Simplify the harmony when you are playing this style of rhythm. I would venture to say that Freddie Green does not play more than two or three notes in his chord voicings. He plays the basic harmony - whether the triad is major or minor, and whether the 7th is functioning as a major 7th or dominant 7th. It usually is that simple! Always simplify the part harmonically so you can concentrate on contributing to the feel or "groove" of the rhythm section.

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