Freddie Green Chord Forms/Basics/How To Use

The chart enables the amateur guitarist, that has little or no knowledge of harmony, to learn the fundamental Freddie Green rhythm guitar chord voicings. Based on Michael Pettersen's "Favorite Chord Voicings of Freddie Green" article,  I have added numbers to each chord form and put all muted notes onto the staff so the guitarist can hear the sound of the muted notes.  I also added one new chord form (number 24) to use for a suspended chord.

The notation is the same as in Michael's article: black dots for fully sounded notes and x-signs for muted notes.

  1. Practice the voicings first without muting to hear the full chords.  Push the all fingered strings down to frets.
  2. Next, add the muting effect on desired notes/strings to achieve the unique one-note chord sound.
  3. Memorize all chord forms with their numbers. The first number indicates the  chord form; the second number (behind the slash "/" sign) indicates the fret position.
  4. Use specially notated charts, like my "April in Paris" transcription.  All charts played by our Big Band ZUS Isi Krejciho have the rhythm guitar parts prepared this way. Check out our recordings at

Jakub Cervenka
August 2009

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