Transcription: Ain't Misbehavin'

Composer: Fats Waller
LP Title: Memories Ad Lib
Leaders: Joe Williams and Count Basie
LP Label: Roulette
LP Number: R 52021
Recorded: 1958

Although Freddie Green is hard to hear on a few beats in this recording, this segment is worth studying. The recording was made late at night, under very relaxed circumstances. So relaxed that Freddie actually consented to play some solos. In fact, the 32 bars transcribed here precede one of his extended solos. Perhaps it was the combination of the late night atmosphere and soloing that led to especially lyrical and unrestrained comping on this tune. For example, Freddie includes more passing notes than typical.

All lower notes are played on the 4th string. Additional upper notes are played on the 3rd string. An X indicates a note that is played percussively.

Editor's note: Freddie appears to have errored in bar 25, beats 3 and 4. The chord change is A7 as played by Basie. Freddie likely meant to play G/C# - the 7th and 3rd tritone of A7. Instead he played F#/C - 1/2 step below the A7 tritone. The harmonic clash between the A7 and Freddie's "interesting" note choice is not jarring and did not result in this recording take being rejected. In fact, it is likely that this entire LP consists of first takes.

Transcribed by Mark Allen
Reviewed and edited by Michael Pettersen January, 2003

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