Transcription: Baby Don't Tell On Me

Composer: Basie/Young/Rushing
Transcription starts at 0'00"; ends at 1'02"
From the album: Basie Reunion
Leader of the session: Paul Quinichette
Recorded: September 5, 1958
Reissued on CD: Prestige OJCCD-1049-2

Comments: This twenty-four measure transcription illustrates Freddie Green playing a 12 bar blues in C. As is typical of Freddie's style, the majority of the notes are played on the 4th string. If an upper note is added on beat 2 or 4, play the added note on the 3rd string.

For instructions on how to play "one note" and "two note" Freddie Green chords, see my article written for Down Beat entitled: Distilling Big Band Guitar: The Essence of Freddie Green.

Transcribed by Michael Pettersen, September 2001

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