Transcription: Cute

Composer: Neal Hefti
Transcription starts at 0'09"; ends at 1'02"
From the album: Cute
Leader of the session: Count Basie
Recorded: February 6, 1959; Zurich, Switzerland
CD: Jazz Time JTM 8110

This sixty measure transcription begins after an eight bar piano introduction by Basie. Bars 9 - 32 feature a call and response between Freddie's guitar and a band member chiding "Wha'd you say last night 'bout Freddie Green?". Freddie responds to the friendly teasing with a chord "solo" using three and four note voicings. This selection is unique as it is likely the only Basie band recording where Freddie plays unaccompanied for twenty-four bars.

At bar 33, Freddie is joined by the entire rhythm section for three choruses of blues changes. Note the counter melody Freddie creates on the 4th string.

Play two note voicings on strings 4 and 3; one note voicings on string 4. For instructions on how to play "one note" and "two note" Freddie Green chords, see the instructional articles in the Lessons and Technique section.

Transcribed by Michael Pettersen
September 2000
Revised September 2002

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