Transcription: Dr. Feelgood

Composer: Aretha Franklin and Ted White
Transcription starts at 0'18"; ends at 1'58"
Album Title: Timeless Count Basie
Sessions Leader: Frank Foster
Recorded: June 24 - 25, 1986 in New York City
Label: Savoy Jazz Classics
Catalog Number: SVY 17131

This twenty-four bar transcription begins four bars after a piano introduction. The recording is unusual because Freddie sustains many beats for nearly the full length of a quarter note; bars 5 - 8 indicate this extended pulse by the use of a short horizontal line (tenuto mark) above the notes. This extended pulse contrasts with Freddie's typical technique of employing his left hand to mute each quarter note pulse which produced the effect of an eighth note pulse followed by an eighth note rest. It is essential to hear this recording to appreciate Freddie's subtle control of the note length.

Freddie also uses glissandos in bars 13, 17, 19, and 25. Each starts one-half step below the written notes.

Play two note voicings on strings 4 and 3; one note voicings on string 4. For instructions on how to play "two note" and "one note" Freddie Green voicings, see the educational articles in the Lessons and Technique section.

Transcribed by Roland Mueller
Edited by Michael Pettersen
July 2003

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