Transcription: Fly Me To The Moon

Composer: Bart Howard
From the album: It Might As Well Be Swing
Leaders of the session: Frank Sinatra and Count Basie
Recorded: June 9, 1964
LP: Reprise S-1012
Transcription starts at 0'00"; ends at 0'40"
Tempo: 120 beats per minute

Here are sixteen bars which illustrate Freddie's creation of a guitar part that is simultaneously rhythmic, harmonic, and melodic - a defining aspect of his inimitable style.

Freddie is relatively audible in this transcribed passage as the only instruments backing Sinatra are guitar, drums, bass, and piano. Per usual, Freddie places the majority of the clearly sounded notes on the 4th string and the 3rd string. The transcribed notes show only the pitches that can be definitely discerned.

Left hand fingerings are not included; experiment to find fingerings that work for your technique. Note that Freddie frequently used his left thumb to mute the sixth string.

For instruction on how to play one note and two note voicings, see this link.

Transcribed by Roland Mueller and Michael Pettersen, February 2017

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