Transcription: Four Five Six

Composer: Frank Foster
Transcription starts at 0.08" and ends at 0.50"
From the Album: Long Live the Chief, The Count Basie Orchestra
Leader: Frank Foster
CD Label: Denon
CD Number: CY-1018
Recorded: 1986

Transcribed by Mark Allen, edited by Michael Pettersen June 2002.

This is a great example of Freddie playing the blues. Play all lower notes on the 4th string, except for the first beat of measure 5 (played on the 6th string) and beats 3 and 1 of measures 14 and 15, respectively (played on string 5). All upper notes are played on the 3rd string. I have noted 4 upward glissandos (or grace notes) in measures 21, 22, and 23. Also, note that the 4th string is struck percussively (only) on beats 3 and 1 of measures 24 and 25, respectively.

I have represented every note as a quarter note just as a notational shortcut. I, along with the founders of the site, would like to make clear that the correct rhythm should be derived from the recording itself. As Michael Pettersen pointed out: We all hear Freddie playing longer quarter notes on 1 and 3, and shorter ones on 2 and 4. But again, how to properly notate that? Notating quarter, eighth, quarter, eighth - is misleading. We encourage the reader to use the recording as the guide, and the transcription as a rough map.

This transcription was kindly reviewed and edited by Michael Pettersen and Austin Williams. I would greatly appreciate any other feedback on this and future transcriptions.

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