Transcription: Good Time Blues

Composer: Ernie Wilkins
Transcription starts at 0:10, and ends at 1:11.
From the Album: Long Live the Chief, The Count Basie Orchestra
Leader: Frank Foster
CD Label: Denon
CD Number: CY-1018
Recorded: 1986
Transcribed by Mark Allen - June 2002
Edited by Michael Pettersen

Freddie Green's rhythm playing in these 32 bars includes many clear examples of a characteristic shuffling rhythm, in which a brief, syncopated, percussive beat occurs between weak and strong beats main beats (a device which is used more sparingly in other recordings). Because this rhythmic technique is difficult to transcribe, the reader must listen to the recording to learn its correct right and left hand execution. In several places, the syncopated beat is actually a sounded note, which is usually one whole step below the note of the weak beat. I have notated these as grace notes.

Most notes are played on the 4th string. All additional upper notes are played on the 3rd string, and all additional lower notes are played on the 6th string, except for the second beat of measure 11, which is played on the 5th string. Notes marked as "x" are muted "ghost" notes, i.e., notes that do not sound clearly but have a pitch component.

Note: The first 20 bars of this recording appear in a wholly independent transcription by Dr. L.H. Dickert, Jr. on this web site.

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