Transcription: The Kid From Red Bank

Composer: Neal Hefti
Transcription starts at 0'18"; ends at 3'30"
From the album: Cute
Leader of the session: Count Basie
Recorded: February 6, 1959; Zurich, Switzerland
CD: Jazz Time JTM 8110

This song is fundamentally a twelve bar blues. Freddie╠s comping is more audible on this live recording than on the "Atomic Basie" studio version. Also, this recording is played at a tempo of 240 beats per minute; the studio version tempo is 260.

Freddie plays the first blues chorus (measures 2 - 12) in a "one note chord" style with a long quarter note on beats 1 and 3, and an accented shorter quarter note on beats 2 and 4. It is essential to hear the recording to appreciate the subtlety of Freddie's right hand accents and left hand note-length control. During the second chorus (measures 13- 24), Freddie plays a walking "bass" line in a pitch register higher than the bass. Throughout the tune, he primarily plays "one note chords" and walking lines, with occasional exceptions. The blank measures indicate where the guitar part cannot be heard because of other instruments.

Play two note voicings on strings 4 and 3; one note voicings on string 4. For instructions on how to play "one note" and "two note" Freddie Green chords, see the instructional articles in the Lessons and Technique section.

Transcribed by Roland Mueller
Edited by Michael Pettersen September 2002

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