Transcription: Ode To Pres

Composer: Clark Terry
From the album: Get Together
Leader of the session: Count Basie
Recorded: September 4, 1979
CD: Pablo PACD-2310-924-2
Transcription starts at 1'41"; ends at 2'16"
Tempo: 240 beats per minute

Freddie is clearly heard on this wonderful recording. Listen closely to the "chords" sounded by Freddie. One string or two strings produce clear, unmuted tones with pitch; the remainder of the strings are muted and produce no pitch.

When playing the blues, he would create an ever-changing countermelody - a walking "cello" line to compliment the walking bass line. Every chorus was different as Freddie varied his countermelody. Note his predominant use of stepwise movement with the occasional leap of a minor third.

Bar 37 certainly is a surprise - a sustained four note major 7th chord!

True to his style, Freddie placed the vast majority of the clearly sounded notes on the 4th string and the 3rd string. The transcribed notes show only the pitches that can be definitely discerned.

Left hand fingerings are not included; experiment to find fingerings that work for your technique. To mute the sixth string, Freddie primarily used his left thumb.

Transcribed by Michael Pettersen
March 2005

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