Transcription: The Second Time Around

Composer: Jimmy Van Heusen
Transcription starts at 0'01; ends at 4' 32
Album: Frankly Basie - Count Basie Plays the Hits of Frank Sinatra 
Session leader: Count Basie
Recording date: April 8, 1963
CD: Verve 314-519-849-2
Tempo: 80 beats per minute

The recording provides a unique opportunity to illustrate how Freddie intermixed three note voicings, two note voicings, and one note voicings.

Freddie played most of his voicings in the vicinity of the second fret to the eighth fret. Every voicing in this transcription uses the D string. On most archtop rhythm guitars, the D string has the most acoustic power of all the strings and the notes from the 2nd fret (E) to the 8th fret (Bb) have a timbre that is clearly heard in a big band setting.

None of the voicings use the high E string or the low E string. If the B string is used for a voicing, look for the number 2 enclosed in a circle.

Note the repeat sign at measure 73. The band, playing fortissimo, masks Freddie's guitar for the final eight bars of the chart, so it is feasible that Freddie played essentially the same voicings as used in bars 73 to 80.

For instruction on how to play one note and two note voicings, see this link.

Transcribed by Michael Pettersen, July 2016

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