Transcription: Shoutin' Blues

Composer: Count Basie and Charlie Price
Transcription starts at 0'09"; ends at 0'29"; starts again at 0'50"; ends at 1'29";
From the album: Shoutin' Blues
Leader of the session: Count Basie
Recorded: June 29, 1949; New York City, New York USA
CD: Past Perfect 204550-202; one of ten CDs in the boxed set "Count Basie: The Big Band Leader".

This superb, yet inexpensive, collection includes recordings from 1939 to 1951.
This tune begins in D major, then modulates to G major. Freddie plays mostly one note voicings, with an occasional two note voicing. His choice of notes is secondary to the driving feel and infectious swing. Every student of Freddie Green should study this recording to hear the Master of the Rhythm Guitar employ less notes to make more music.

For instruction on how to play one note and two note voicings, see:

Transcribed by Michael Pettersen, August 2003

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