Transcription: Southern Exposure

Tune: "Southern Exposure"
Composer: Kenny Burrell
From the album: "Opus In Swing"
Leaders of the session: Frank Wess and Kenny Burrell
Recorded: December 17, 1956
Issued on LP: Savoy MG 12085
Reissued on CD in Japan (1992): Savoy Jazz COCB-50298
Reissued on CD in United States (1994): "Monday Stroll" Savoy Jazz SV-0246
Transcription: starts at 5'12"; ends at 5'48"
Tempo: 160 bpm

It is indeed rare to hear Freddie Green play rhythm guitar in a a piano-less setting; this recording provides that opportunity. Transcribed below are two choruses (24 bars) of an original uptempo blues by Kenny Burrell. Freddie is the "soloist", playing straight 4/4 time, and backed by bass, drums, and Kenny Burrell's amplified guitar.

This recording provides a unique opportunity to clearly hear how Freddie varied the length of the quarter note pulse and the accent of the pulse. This subtle aspect of his playing is often overlooked.

Bar 19 features a piquant note choice, F# played against a Cm7 harmony. It works due to the strong moving melodic line Freddie creates in bars 19 and 20.

As always, Freddie places the vast majority of the clearly sounded notes on the 4th string and the 3rd string. The transcribed notes show only the pitches that can be definitely discerned. Unfortunately, as mentioned, Burrell lightly comped throughout the 24 bars and, in some measures, it is nearly impossible to distinguish between the notes played by Freddie and the notes played by Kenny. If, upon closer scrutiny of the recording, any reader has an edit or correction, please forward to me.

Left hand fingerings are not included; experiment to find fingerings that work for your technique. Note that Freddie often used his left thumb to mute the sixth string.

Transcribed by Michael Pettersen
March 2004

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