Transcription: Stereophonic

Composer: Ernie Wilkins
From the album: "Count Basie Dance Session No. 2"
Leader of the session: Count Basie
Recorded: August 17, 1954
Issued on LP: Clef MGC-647
Transcription: starts at 0'00"; ends at 0'08"
Tempo: 240 bpm

This brief introduction to "Stereophonic" provides the opportunity to hear Freddie perform only with bass and drums, and to hear him play in a minor key. Even with the guitar part confined to a range of four frets, it still has strong melodic motion.

Suggested left hand forms are included - based on forms commonly used by Freddie. Use whatever fingers are most comfortable. Clearly sound only the strings/pitches that are notated on the staff; all other strings/pitches are muted or ghosted. Freddie often used his left thumb to mute the sixth string.

Transcribed by Michael Pettersen, October 2010

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