Transcription: The Deacon

Composer: Thad Jones
From the album: Chairman of the Board
CD: Roulette Jazz 7243 5 81664 22
Leader of the session: Count Basie
Recorded: December 10, 1958
Transcription: starts at 0'08"; ends at 0'34"; restarts at 1'25"; ends at 1'50"
Tempo: 110 beats per minute

Many of the transcriptions and technique articles posted on this web site emphasize Freddie's unique use of one note and two note chord voicings. It is important to note that he did use three note and four note chords when appropriate for the arrangement.

This transcription illustrates Freddie's use of common voicings employed by most rhythm guitarists. The guitar sonority is definitely different from Freddie's "normal" sound. Hypothesis: Arranger/composer Thad Jones played on this recording session, perhaps he asked Freddie to use fuller chord voicings.

Freddie utilizes an interesting left hand technique on this recording. On beat one and beat three, only one note sounds, typically the lowest note of the voicing. On beat two and beat four, all notes of the voicing are heard. This is accomplished by varying the pressure of the left hand fingers; the right hand steadily strums all strings. The chord diagrams in bar 1 illustrate the left hand muting technique to be employed in bars 1 through 12.

Listen to "The Deacon" with the transcription as a guide. Note Freddie's subtle variations on the length of each essential part of his great feel and swing.

Transcribed by Michael Pettersen, March 2006

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