Transcription: West End Blues

Tune: "West End Blues"
Composer: King Oliver - C. Williams
From the album: "Salute To Satch"
Leader of the session: Joe Newman
Recorded: November 3, 1956
Reissued on CD (1994): RCA/BMG France 74321226132; Jazz Tribute No. 75; "The Complete Joe Newman - The Basie Days"; RCA Victor Recordings 1955 - 1956
Transcription: starts at 1'36"; ends at 1'53"
Tempo: 85 bpm

Here is a rarity indeed - - a Freddie Green chord solo! Some of the chords sound a bit ragged in this four bar break, but the passage does allow Freddie fans to hear their hero all by himself.

In the transcription below, I have notated notes that are barely audible (ghost notes) with an "x". The illustrated chord forms are my suggestions on how Freddie may have fingered this solo.

Transcribed by Michael Pettersen
March 2004

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