Transcription: After Supper

Composer: Neal Hefti
Album: The Complete Atomic Basie
Session leader: Count Basie
Recording date: October 22, 1957
CD: Blue Note CDP 72438 28635 26
Tempo: 66 beats per minute

This transcription is a fine example of how Freddie kept the sounded notes within a limited range: the highest sounded note is an E in measure 38 and the lowest sounded note is F# in bars 12, 15, and 48. All of the sounded notes are played on the fourth string. The tessitura of Freddie's sounded notes rarely exceeded one octave.

The transcription also provides the chord formations that Freddie likely used. As always, the highest and lowest note of the formation would be muted, with only fourth string pitch sounding on every beat. For an explanation of the notation above each chord symbol, refer to the techniques article by Jakub Cervenka.

Transcribed by Jakub Cervenka
August 2009

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